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Destination Halmstad

On your way to Halmstad there are both a golf course and a go-cart track. If you’re a golfer there are no less than nine other golf courses only within the county of Halmstad. There’s an adventure site (Äventyrslandet) on the road out to Tylösand and there’s also in door bathing at Halmstad Arena. You can see a fine collection of the art and works of the famous Halmstadgruppen at Mjällby art farm. Plus of course lots of entertainment at night in Halmstad and Tylösand. Look further at Destination Halmstad >>

From Hagön to:
Eurostop shopping center 3 km
Halmstad 4,5 km
Halmstad Arena adventure bath 5 km
Tylösand beach 15 km
Liseberg (fair-ground/funfair) in Gothenburg/Göteborg 140 km
Extraordinary outlet shopping in Ullared 72 km