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Halmstad is Sweden’s summer city

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Halmstad took out first place and was ranked Summer City of the Year in 2014. Reseguiden travel guide received lots of fantastic tips about the best things about this summer city and of course we will share these with you. Halmstad is a real gem to visit this summer!

Tylösand – Lots of people nominated this amazing beach with sand dunes, white sandy beach, live music, beach volleyball, barbecues and after beach. Halmstad Camping is virtually next door to this wonderful beach!
Grötvik cliffs – Ride a bike to Grötvik, taking a picnic basket to enjoy beautiful surrounds and a relaxing time.
Östra stranden – This was Halmstad’s most popular beach before the Tylösand hype. Maybe this is where to go to get some more peace and quiet?

Prince Bertil’s path
Walk along Prince Bertil’s path as the sun sets. Halmstad Camping is located along this wonderful path, which runs along the ocean from the town centre to Tylösand. Ride your bike or walk to take advantage of the beautiful scenery. Along the path, at Möllegård, you will find Riccardo’s ice creamery. But who is this Riccardo?

Riccardo’s ice creamery
Yes, who is Riccardo? Lots of people nominated Riccardos glass ice creamery in Möllegård as a must-visit stop in Halmstad.

These are some of the many great restaurants people nominated in Halmstad:
Börjes Skafferi, The Bulls Pub, Restaurang Salt, Morfars Bar, Freddies Sportbar, Hotell Tylösand, Bettans Bar, Leffes Beach Club and the outdoor restaurants at Lilla Torg. Write them down and try one of them during your summer visit to Halmstad!

Other tips on things to do during a visit to Halmstad is to play golf, visit Halmstad Äventyrsland adventure park, visit the Titanic exhibition at Halmstad Arena, explore the nature reserve at Möllegård or pack a picnic basket and cycle to the beach.