Ställplats Falun

The ställplats parking spots are located on fenced hardwood gravel in the mining area. At Ställplats Falun there is a payment station where guests receive a card that is used to open a parking barrier and work as a key to the service house after payment. In the service house there are showers and toilets of which one is accessibility-friendly. At the service house there is also a tap for fresh water.

In just 10 minutes guests can walk from the site through the old mining town of Elsborg with buildings from the 17th century and to Falun’s city center with shops and entertainment.

Falu Mine
Once upon a time, Falu Mine was the largest copper mine in Europe and was called Sweden’s treasure chest. Today, the mining area is one of Dalarna’s biggest tourist destinations with activities as both above and under ground and is open all year. Here you will find experiences for everyone, exhibitions, guided tours, handicrafts, shops, cafes and a restaurant. During the summer there is especially a lot to see and do.

Check in
Check-in can be done at any time of the day (open 24 hours) but check-out is set at noon. 12.00 when new daily debit begins. Ställplats Falun is open all year round.

Fee for a spot in the ställplats  is 195 kr per day with a caravan spot is included, as well ass access to the service house with shower, toilets and water. Drainage of wastewater is included in the price which you can empty at Nordic Camping Lugnet, which is centrally located in the national arena / ski stadium at Lugnet in Falun, about 3 km from the ställplats

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